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Grzymala Law Offices, P.C. offers the following services for Polish businesses and entrepreneurs operating here or in Poland:

The Firm offers services for entrepreneurs, owners or representatives of construction industry and related companies (such as window suppliers, furniture manufacturers, and transportation companies) who are expanding into the United States or are existing here in the US and need assistance with:

  • Transactional issues including:
    • Registering to do business
    • Drafting of agreements and contracts
    • Preparing terms and conditions
  • Litigation issues including:
    • Debt collection
    • Fraud claims
    • Partner disputes
    • Property and land disputes
    • Evictions, Enforcement of Security Interests
    • Foreclosures
    • Bond claims
    • Breach of contract and
    • Enforcement of Judgments or Arbitration Orders

The Firm is affiliated with AGMA & Company with offices in Krakow and Katowice, Poland, which represents clients’ interests in Poland. They offer the following legal services for people and businesses requiring legal representatives in Poland or issues concerning Polish law in Poland:

  • Inheritance law: confirmation of acquisition of inheritance, invalidation of will – division of inheritance, including settlement between heirs; legitimate portion; changing a final and legally valid court decision regarding the acquisition of inheritance;
  • Family and guardianship law: divorce, separation, division of joint property between spouses, alimony; granting, limiting and depriving of parental authority;
  • Labor law: preparing of work, salary, benefits, health and safety regulations; legal representation in employment matters as well as compensation matters; discrimination and mobbing cases;
  • Commercial law: creation, registration and transformation of commercial law companies and preparation related agreements, regulations, and other legal documents; assisting during Board of Directors meetings, Supervisory Board meetings and shareholders’ meetings; complex assistance in all matters related to National Court Register (KRS);
  • Real Estate law: real estate ownership, lease of premises and real estate management; legal audit of real estate; representation in courts in the matters of acquisitive prescription of real estate, easements, abolition of joint ownership; amending an entry in the Land and Mortgage Register;
  • Bank law: preparing legal opinions and offering legal advice; seeking redress from clients which do not fulfill their legal obligations towards financial institutions;
  • The bankruptcy and reorganization law: advising in bankruptcy proceedings; assistance in enforcing payment of debts, composition agreement and recovery proceedings;
  • Damages/ compensation law: obtaining compensation for property damage, transport-related damages, personal damages, agricultural / farming related damages, medical errors, and on duty accidents;
  • Legal audit for firms and entrepreneurs: analysis of structural organization and functioning, on-going administrative and tax proceedings, legal statuses of movables and immovables, property burdens, and all commercial agreements concluded with customers;
  • Tax Penal Code regulations and Tax law: advice regarding all aspects of conducting business in relation to the Tax Penal Code and Tax law regulations; advice regarding income tax, VAT, local taxes and charges; advice regarding excise law;
  • Mediation: in-court and out-of-court mediations in cases subject to commercial law, family and guardianship law and civil law.
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