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We focus the firm’s practice in the areas of construction law including mechanics liens and bond claims, commercial litigation, and business law.

Construction Law and Mechanic’s Liens

Enjoy Comprehensive Construction Law Representation

With over 18 years of construction law experience, we offer our clients counsel and representation that covers a wide range of construction-related matters. Based in Chicago, Illinois construction lawyer Mark B. Grzymala of Grzymala Law Offices, P.C. has many years of experience assisting general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, vendors, owners and developers efficiently and effectively resolve disputes. This includes contract negotiations, communication of claims, assistance with payment, the filing or removal of mechanics liens, informal dispute resolution and filing of lawsuits.

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Commercial Litigation

Commercial disputes are becoming more and more difficult to navigate with changing regulatory requirements, increased corporate scrutiny, and the implications of doing business internationally.

We understand that both organizations and individuals are looking to take proactive steps to reduce their risk exposure and, when matters arise, the primary goal becomes to resolve them as quickly as possible in a cost-effective manner. To achieve this goal, practical experience is vital. At Grzymala Law Offices, P.C. we have over 18 years of experience representing clients from when the dispute is raised through to resolution. We offer a comprehensive strategy upfront and an analysis of all the implications at each stage to help our clients make well-informed decisions.

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Corporate Law Services

Set Your Business Up for Success.

Many small business owners make the mistake of assuming that they won’t need corporate law services, and as such only look for an attorney when things go wrong. But in order to succeed in today’s competitive business landscape, having an attorney that offers corporate law services will help set small businesses up for success.

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Polish Businesses

Counsel and Legal Representation for Poland-Based Businesses.

We offer general counsel for business owners covering most aspects of business continuity, including employment issues, company policy creation, as well as the sale or purchase of business assets.

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