Consequences of Non-Payment of Subcontractors

August 08, 2022

There are serious consequences that fall upon those who do not take care to pay the subcontractors that they have hired to take care of a particular piece of work that they need doing. Those consequences may include attending court and forced payment for all of the labor that they did not pay for with fees and penalties tacked on top of that.

After all, it is only fair that those who have agreed to a contract ahead of time stick to the terms of the deal that they have already agreed to. Not paying a contractor or subcontractor is illegal, and the Illinois contractor prompt payment act helps define the penalties that one may face if they do not pay their people.

How Long Doe Subcontractors Have to Wait for Payment?

Under Illinois law, a subcontractor who agrees to certain terms of engagement with a general contractor  has the right of getting paid according to the contract or agreement. In other words, subcontractors deserve to get paid on a schedule that you have already agreed to ahead of time. 

What Are Illinois State Comptroller Vendor Payments?

Many construction projects happen throughout the country. It is common for the state to contract with construction workers to get certain projects completed. Thus, it may be necessary for you to get an Illinois construction lawyer if you are a construction worker shorted by your employer (even if the employer is the state).

If you are not receiving your Illinois state comptroller vendor payments promptly, then you should speak with a lawyer right away to start getting those payments flowing again. No one should ever shortchange you like this, but it does not mean that they might not try it if allowed to do so.

Can Subcontractors File a Lien?

A subcontractor can file a lien against another party to get back some of the funds that they believe may be rightfully theirs. If that is the case, then it may be helpful to work with someone from Grzymala Law Offices to figure out how to get the process started.

It is the reality that many subcontractors are uncertain about how to go about the procedure of filing a mechanics lien, and it is often the case that they need to work with experienced attorneys who have gone through this process many times before. This is truly the only way that they can move forward in any meaningful capacity.

A subcontractor can prepare, file and serve a mechanics lien on its own, but that is ill advised.  . You may end up with more problems than you intended when you do so.

The best thing to do is use the extensive laws available in the state of Illinois to reclaim the money that is rightfully owed to you. The truth is, that money is yours, and there is no reason why you should not have access to it right away. You have earned it, and now you deserve to get paid as promptly as possible.

If you are not getting constructive feedback from the government, please consider hiring an Illinois construction lawyer to help you out. Get in touch with Grzymala Law Offices, P.C. and retain a Chicago construction attorney. This is to say that you have options available to you if you are unable to get your employer to do the right thing can pay what they owe you. Call us now and let us assist you in filing a lien.