Illinois Mechanics Liens and Bankruptcy of the Owner or The General Contractor

February 05, 2024
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Mechanics liens serve as a legal safeguard for those who contribute labor or materials to a construction project. These liens ensure that contractors and suppliers have a claim against the property if they are not paid for their services. In Illinois, the law provides specific procedures and timelines for filing these liens, making their correct execution vital for maintaining their enforceability.

Now, let’s say the owner or general contractor files for bankruptcy. Does that automatically negate your mechanics lien? What happens now?

When a property owner or a general contractor files for bankruptcy, it can significantly impact the status and enforcement of mechanics liens. The intersection of bankruptcy law and mechanics liens is complex, with several key factors coming into play:

The Effect of an Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy

When a bankruptcy case is filed, an automatic stay is immediately enacted. This legal injunction is a critical component of the bankruptcy process, established under 11 U.S.C. § 362 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. The automatic stay serves as a temporary shield, protecting the debtor from creditors’ collection actions during the bankruptcy proceedings.

The automatic stay halts various collection activities, including lawsuits, foreclosures, wage garnishments, and repossessions. Specifically, the stay includes the enforcement of mechanics liens. However, the stay does prevent the perfection of a mechanics lien claim – serving notice and recording it. This means any legal or collection action to foreclose on a mechanics lien must be suspended. The stay remains in effect until one of the following occurs:

  • The bankruptcy case is closed.
  • The bankruptcy case is dismissed.
  • A discharge is granted or denied.
  • The court lifts the stay at the request of a creditor (known as “relief from stay”).

Prioritization of Claims in Bankruptcy

In bankruptcy proceedings, the classification and prioritization of creditors’ claims are of paramount importance. This classification significantly impacts how different creditors are repaid. Among these, mechanics liens, based on their status at the time of the bankruptcy filing, can either be secured or unsecured claims.

  • Secured Claims: Secured claims are those backed by a lien on specific property of the debtor. This lien serves as collateral for the debt. These claims generally have a higher priority in bankruptcy proceedings. The secured creditor has a right to be paid from the specific property that is the subject of the lien.

Perfected mechanics liens are often treated as secured claims. A lien is considered “perfected” when it has been filed according to the state’s statutory requirements and is legally enforceable against third parties.

  • Unsecured Claims: Unsecured claims are not backed by any lien or collateral. These claims typically have a lower priority. Unsecured creditors are paid after all secured claims are satisfied. Mechanics liens that are not perfected at the time of the bankruptcy filing are generally treated as unsecured claims.

Strategies for Mechanics Lien Holders

To navigate these complexities, those holding mechanics liens should consider the following strategies:

  • Proactive Filing: Ensure mechanics liens are filed and perfected in accordance with Illinois law to maintain their secured status.
  • Participate in Bankruptcy Proceedings: Actively participating in the bankruptcy process is crucial. This may involve filing proofs of claim and monitoring the case’s progress.
  • Legal Assistance: Given the complexities involved, consulting with a Chicago mechanics lien attorney is important. A skilled Illinois mechanics lien lawyer can provide strategic guidance specific to your situation.
  • Monitor the Debtor’s Financial Status: Keep track of the debtor’s financial situation and the status of the bankruptcy estate. This information can influence your decisions and strategy. Understanding the debtor’s financial health can help in assessing the risk of your claim being paid.

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